Landlord Information

At Jupiter Real Estate we are leaders in the property management field offering landlords a professional service they can rely on and one that they will want to recommend.

Effective property management is no longer just a rent collection service. It’s now requires a comprehensive range of skills designed to reduce risk and ensure that you achieve the best possible return from your investment.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to talk to the property investors about their needs, experiences and hopes. This feedback has helped us to define what is most important to you as a property investor.

  • The condition of your property
  • Keeping vacancy periods to a minimum
  • Securing excellent tenants
  • Achieving the best rental return
  • Maximising your property’s capital growth

To meet these requirements and deliver peace of mind to our clients, we have developed our property management service to include extensive systems and procedures aimed at consistently delivering a premium property management service; a property management service that knows what you want and how to deliver it!

Why should you choose Jupiter Real Estate as your Property Manager? We believe that there are lots of reasons to do so, including:

Marketing & Tenant Vacancy

We appreciate that many owners rely on regular rental income to meet mortgage commitments and so we developed a detailed and timely marketing strategy to minimise vacancy periods.

Our Property Managers maintain weekly communication with all owners whose property is vacant in order to keep them informed of feedback from prospective tenants.

The length of the vacancy period can be attributed to three key factors:


The market ultimately determines what a property will rent for. For this reason, it is important that the property is listed at a price which is in keeping with current rental values. An overpriced property is not only likely to attract reduced interest, but may also attract the wrong calibre of tenants. In our experience, quality tenants have a good understanding of the current market conditions and will only make an application for properties which are appropriately priced. Our experienced staff will provide you with an accurate value of your property supported by current market evidence.


First impressions do count and the way in which your property is presented will have an impact on the vacancy period, rental value achieved and the quality of the tenant(s).

It is our practice that prospective tenants should not be shown a property unless it is presented at the standard at which they will be expected to maintain it. This sets the benchmark from the very beginning and reduces the likelihood of disputes during and at the end of the tenancy.


In order to attract the highest quality and most suitable tenants for your property it must be widely and extensively marketed to generate maximum exposure. With 8 out of 10 people using real estate internet portals to search for properties, quality internet advertising is an essential part of the advertising campaign. Our agency subscribes to the industry’s best online real estate portals including, and in addition to our own high profile website and Facebook Page.

When you list your property for rent with Jupiter Real Estate, you can expect the full marketing campaign to be implemented within 2 business days. This includes photography, internet advertising, prominent signage and inclusion on our agency rental list.