Tenant Guide


The first step to renting is finding the right home that suits your family’s needs. There are several different options to consider when choosing a suitable property; locations, number of rooms, bathrooms, price, yard space etc. Make sure you have a look around. Don’t choose the first property you come by, keep your options open.

If you need assistance in finding a rental home or just have a general enquiry about renting please do not hesitate to contact our Rental Team on 0456 121 000 or [email protected]


Once you have found a rental property you will need to apply for the property. The property manager will have applications on the day of open for inspection. Our rental application can also be downloaded from our website and you can apply online through 1form. To ensure your application is reviewed you must answer all questions and provide all supporting documentation.  Other documentation required; Driver’s License or Passport, Current Payslips and 60 days Bank Statements, Bill or Letter under current address, International applicants must also provide a copy of their visa together with their passport.

If you are unsure about filling out the Tenancy Application please do not hesitate to contact the Property Manager and she/he will be happy to assist you.

Once your application is complete and you have all your supporting documentation you can hand it in at our office or email to [email protected].

We always make an effort to process the applications within 24 – 48 hours but, this can depend on contacting references, owner of the property and number of applications. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email or phone.


Once your application has been approved you will be notified, your property manager will give you details of making the payment of ingoing costs for the property (bond and one month’s rent), an appointment will be made for the lease agreement to be signed. Only when all documents are signed and payment has been made will you receive the keys for your new rental home. All copies of documents will be signed will be given to you, please keep them in a safe place as they are legally binding contracts.


One of the most important documents for a residential tenancy is the entry condition report. This document is a report on how the property is when you start the tenancy. Your property manager will fill out their part prior to you moving in, also take photos of the property to have existing(if any) damage on record. You MUST go through the property and fill out your comments on the condition report. Please hand back the entry condition report signed within 3 business days. Failure to return your Property Condition Report will mean that the original, unaltered report will be considered to reflect the true condition of the property. The Entry condition report is used during the tenancy for inspections and at the end of tenancy to compare property condition. If the property is not left in the same condition when handed to you, allowing for fair wear and tear you will be asked to return the property to its original condition, the cost of any repairs or cleaning will be deducted from your bond if you fail to do so.


All rental payments are due in advance and must be paid in accordance with the tenancy agreement. If you fail to pay your rent on time you are breaching the Residential Tenancy Agreement. You will be sent a rent reminder via email and text. If you do not pay the rent due with 14 days you will be issued with a Notice to vacate the property. 

Each time your rental payment is in arrears, it will be recorded in your tenant’s ledger which may affect your chance of being approved for a rental property in the future. If you have any problems with paying your rent before the due date, please advise your Property manager.

Rental payments can be made by EFT transfer into the account provided to you at the start of tenancy.


In an urgent repairs situation please be sure to contact you Property manager on the mobile number provided to you.

In the case of general repair please visit our website and fill out a maintenance request form, or simply email your property manger the maintenance request. Be sure to allow your property manger some time to get back to you about the maintenance request.

Routine inspections are conducted every 6 months. Your property manager will advise you of the date and time the inspection will take place. If you are unable to attend the inspection please advise your property manager. Routine inspections are conducted to check if the property is being looked after and to record any maintenance that may need to be done.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON TENANCY AND RENTING A PROPERTY please do not hesitate to contact our property management team

Useful links –


https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/library/publications/housing-and-accommodation/renting/renting-a-home-a-guide-for-tenants.pdf – your property manager will provide you with a copy of Renting – a guide for tenants at singing of tenancy agreement.